Law Of Attraction Anger

I recently became aware of some powerful attractive forces which have been working in my life for a long period of time.

Uncovering the source of many of my life’s problems was a huge moment of relief. I realised that an unconscious behaviour pattern, which was established in my youth, had been perpetuating many of my problems and difficulties.

When things start appearing in life which you’re dissatisfied with, you might become angry and try to push them away. But what if you’re the cause of these situations and circumstances and they are trying to teach you something? What if pushing them away only draws more of the same into your life?

There’s a well known sports related visualisation technique called visual motor rehearsal. In the film The Secret, Denis Waitley talks about this technique which he used in the olympics to train athletes.

When the athletes were told to rehearse in their minds the action in their sports, the same muscles fired in the same order as they would during an actual physical situation.

The mind didn’t know the difference between the actual physical circumstances and the visualisation techniques. The things we ‘see’ and rehearse in the mind are brought about in reality as situations, events and circumstances.

My problem was, I was rehearsing fighting with my brother. I was ‘stuck’ in this ‘daydream’ because it was how I remembered my brother after he had died. It was the most powerful way to remember him.

I created a number of actual physical confrontations and got heavily into the martial arts for a number of years.

When things continued to be difficult, frustrating and confrontational in working life, I withdrew from life and from work altogether to avoid the pain associated with these feelings I kept perpetuating.

I kept asking myself why was my life so difficult. Surly this isn’t what most people experience in life? Why was everything so painful and emotionally draining?

Once I uncovered this insight into my own mind, I could see the truth of what I was continually creating in life. I was angry and not at peace in my own mind. Therefore I kept perpetuating difficult, traumatic circumstances.

I am sure that many people are doing this – creating adversity because it gives their life meaning and importance, in some way. In what ways do you make yourself important at the expense of your peace of mind and happiness?

What visual images are you continually thinking about?

Many of my ‘daydreams’ were patterns of thinking which I was unconscious of. It took a lot of pain and insight to stop and really take a close look at my thoughts and emotional habit patterns.

I began meditating and quit drinking alcohol. I started spending more time on positive habits and less time with people who reinforced negative, and angry emotions within me.

This took some time. With regular daily meditation I became more aware of my thinking processes. When I drifted into a negative thinking pattern, I was able to notice. Whereas for years I must have run these old programs on autopilot.

This process was like letting go of who I thought I was.

When you identify with a certain emotion, you begin to think you are that emotion. You begin to think you are your thoughts. When there’s nothing to fight against, large pieces of your world view fall away. It feels like you’re losing your mind.

Who are we without our problems and difficulties? They often define us and give us our identity. They give us structure to hold on to!

When you become the observer, through learning meditation, you can notice what’s going on inside and realise how it controls your life.

So if you’re giving a lot of time and attention to negative, angry and difficult emotions, thoughts and words, consider that you may be addicted to them. You may be giving yourself an identity to hold on to, because without it, you won’t know who you are.

Think about which friends you hang about with. Do you talk about things which annoy and frustrate you? To really change your life, you must stop giving thoughts and attention to the things which grow your angers and frustrations. Stop spending time with people who anger you and bring up those angry and frustrated feelings within you.

Learn how to meditate and detach yourself from your thinking. Learn to be the silent watcher. There’s power in being an observer and not always being the talker who has to engage and react.

The law of attraction is a powerful force in life. If we are to learn how to use it properly to create more enjoyment and improve our lives, we must first become more conscious of the thoughts and emotions we are living already. Without this awareness, we will continue to create more difficulties on an unconscious level and blame the law of attraction saying it isn’t working. When in fact it does work. You just don’t understand how yet!

Corporate and Personal Yacht Parties

One of the fastest-growing trends for corporate events and get-togethers is having a corporate social gathering on a high-class yacht. It’s a chance to get away from the work environment and do something new, something fun, and something memorable. Sure, as a corporate event planner you could have another house party at one of the executive’s homes, or you could rent out a restaurant or some other facility if you have a large number of guests, but it won’t be something that people will be talking about next quarter. When you have a yacht party, they’ll be talking about it for years.

As the author of “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School” noted; business is about people. And people want to do business with other people they like and trust. Having a corporate or business social party on a luxury yacht brings people together, as everyone is enjoying the pleasurable experience as one. There you are out on the open water, watching the lights of the shoreline from afar, you feel an unusual and refreshing sense of camaraderie. After all, at no other time is that famous quote; “We are all in this boat together” more apropos.

When looking for a solid party yacht rental company, it’s imperative that the yacht is clean, the crew is experienced and the captain is competent. It’s also wise to secure a company that has been around a while, one that knows all that could possibly go wrong and goes out of their way to make sure it doesn’t. The larger the party yacht the better, as bigger vessels aren’t jostled around like smaller boats often are. They mere glide through the waves and guests feel safe.

Party Yachts can be configured to best fit your event. Let’s say you are having a wedding reception and you’d like a large dance floor. That’s no problem. Perhaps, you want a large dining area for 100-300 guests, plus a nice meeting room. How about a sunset party yacht rental with a cocktail party? How about an afternoon cruise in whale transit areas? Guests can see some whales, then watch the sunset, have some cocktails and a bite to eat? How will you design your perfect yacht party event?

It’s easy to see why yacht parties are becoming so desired amongst the corporate movers and shakers. Renting a party yacht speaks volumes to your intent to bring your employees, team, most loyal vendors, and corporate partners together in a common passion. What you will find is that everyone you invite will want to come, no one will make excuses why they cannot attend as is common when you rent out a hotel banquet room or a restaurant. It’s just amazing how a single yacht party cruise can unite and bring everyone so much closer together.